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Produce games today for the players of tomorrow. With our games you expand your audience. Our solutions form the new type of player engaging non-gamblers and creating new experiences for those who already play.

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JDB Gaming is a powerhouse of a bet software

With a collection of over 150 online casino games, JDB Gaming is a powerhouse of a bet software provider, especially in Asian countries and has a strong following of players who enjoy all of the genres this developer produces, which include slots, fish shooting games, arcade titles, card games and bingo. Our dedicated page to JDB slots provides you with the opportunity to learn more about this gaming studio and, more importantly, gives you the facility to play JDB Gaming demo slots for free.

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Dragon Soar

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Open Sesame Mega







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JDB Gaming popular in the Asian bet marketing

JDB Gaming online slots are all fully optimised to perform effortlessly on multiple platforms including your mobile and handheld devices. You will also find that a number of their slot games are displayed in a mobile portrait mode only. This is a common theme for Asian online slot developers, and if you have played through our PG Soft demo catalogue of online slots, you will find many of their games in this style, too. It should be pointed out that not every JDB slot you play is in this format, but it does seem to be a style that is very popular in the Asian bet marketing.


Why JDB game developer online?

  • Adapt to Local Conditions and Create a win-win Situation

    • JDB provides game adjustment suggestions and strategic distribution assistance according to the operating region of clients, game performances, player login frequency, and player preference.

  • Risk Management and Profit Ensuring

    • JDB calculates placement distribution and potential risks to strictly control and monitor game operation situations.

  • Development Prediction and Business Opportunities Seizing

    • ​We develop our games based on historical records and industrial experiences to predict the possible business development for our clients to target the suitable markets successfully.

  • Situation Comparison & Analysis

    • ​By cross-comparing customer status, player distribution, retention rate, and tracking players' behaviors regularly, etc., JDB assists clients to develop more suitable games on the market.

  • Game Recommendations

    • ​According to the market research of players, such as players' gaming interests, playing frequency, and gaming adhesion, etc., JDB recommends appropriate types of games for our clients to increase more profits.

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JDB Gaming developer bet


JDB Gaming, an online game developer who dominated the market with Fish Shooting Games(online fish table games), JDB made its name with Slot Games, and has gained the favor of more and more platforms nowadays.


Game Features

  1. All-rounded Online Entertainment

As an experienced gaming developer bet, JDB provides a wide range of online gaming series. With Fish Shooting Games, the most popular gameplay in the Asian market, Slot Games, Bingo, Card Games and a variety of Arcade Game series, you will never get tired of it!

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2.Classic Gaming Reproduction

Inspired by land-based casino games, JDB remasters beloved classic casino games for the online casino platform. JDB provides players around the world to enjoy immersive gaming experiences anytime and anywhere!


3.Original Masterpieces

JDB is dedicated to creating extraordinary gaming experiences. We focus on the insights of the gaming markets and strive to develop original online gaming series with diverse gameplay and a great mix of ways to win prizes, resulting in highly addictive original masterpieces!

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4.Localized Gameplay

JDB has been setting foot in the international markets, and possesses the ability to design localized games, incorporating local culture into the games to resonate with the players, which is one of our major advantages in the industry.

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JDBgaming beting software developer 


The developer offers a wide variety of online games catering to diverse preferences. Their selection includes popular options like Fish Shooting Games, Slot Games, Bingo, Card Games, and Arcade Games. Inspired by traditional casino games, JDB Gaming brings beloved classics to life for online casinos, ensuring players worldwide can enjoy the best online slots and gaming experiences possible.

Arguably, the best piece of business acumen from the beting software provider has been expanding into international markets, with JDB Gaming having the ability to design games with localised appeal and incorporate local culture into their games to resonate with players. So far, this approach has served as a significant advantage in their iGaming journey.


''Just Do the Best'' is the motto of JDB.

To maintain our position as industry frontrunners, we consistently raise the bar. We infuse JDB with the essence of three core values - Innovate, Challenge, Evolve. Continuously innovating, embracing challenges, and keep evolving, we embody our brand's core mission.

JDB Gaming strives to be your indispensable online entertainment solutions partner, shining globally together!



Igniting new possibilities in gaming.



Pushing boundaries for unforgettable experiences.


Embracing change for next-level iGaming evolution.

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JDBgaming have been game developer casino games for more than 8 years and, unlike many other providers, they don’t stop only at the production of slots, but also create Arcade, Bingo, Card games and Fish Shooting. This experience allows them to create a truly high quality and competitive product in the iGaming niche.
In addition to all of the above, JDBgaming has round-the-clock support for their games, and the simplest API integration is available for casino brands. One of the biggest strengths of JDB is Big Data Analysis which allows them to perfectly understand the behavior of the players and satisfy all their expectations. This company already provides its partners with advice on Risk Management.


Diverse online entertainment solutions, fish shooting games, slot games, card games, and bingos to various needs and provide you with the most exciting and memorable gaming experience!


JDB’s classic elimination game - Brand new evolved BIRDS PARTY!

Maximum WIN is upgraded. BIG WIN of up to 50000X awaits you!

Level triggering is also optimized. Rotate to the specified icon to enter Freegame.

The FREE SPIN will be further multiplied to provide a more exciting gaming experience.

Meanwhile, the brand new feature buy function allows you to challenge multiple BIG WIN!  The new version features consecutive hits and eliminations to provide you with nonstop prizes!!! 

Game Feature

  • Revamped and upgraded graphics!

  • Brand new feature buy function, traditional elimination game with a new twist

  • Extra multipliers for FREE SPIN, up to 5X


The legend of the Dragon and the Phoenix is not in the air but in the ocean!

The unfathomable ocean is home to a diverse array of creatures.

Brand new weapons: Laser Cannon, Stormfish, and Lightning Link; you can win multiple rewards with one bullet, up to 10000 times!

Dive into the depths of the ocean to search for your exclusive AquaLord fortune and prosperity!

Game Feature

  • Brand new weapon: Laser Canon, broad area beam cannon

  • The unique fish species can generate score multipliers with one kill



Choose your lucky color and receive a BIG WIN! Match the specified combinations to get a lucky bonus game! Don’t worry about going home empty-handed! Everyone gets a lucky prize of up to 2,000X! Do you long for a colorful life? LUCKY COLOR GAME will help your dreams come true!

Game Feature

  • Choose from 6 colors

  • Match the specified combination to trigger a lucky bonus game

  • BIG WIN of up to 2,000X


Builds upon the TONGITS series!

Brand new upgrade, accelerated tempo and shortened play time to make the challenge more exciting and lets you WIN faster, up to 8X!

Let’s experience the thrill of the rapid TONGITS RUSH!

Game Feature

  • Three-player battle mode ensures fierce competition

  • Reduced number of cards with similar points

  • Shortened time and quick gameplay for more excitement



GOLD ROOSTER LOTTERY has the highest number of winning balls with an insanely high win-rates! Randomly trigger the "Golden Egg" to obtain the egg and enjoy reeling in even more profits!

Game Feature

  • 33 winning balls out of 60

  • Lots of winning balls for insanely-high win rates

  • Random 2-5 times for “Golden Eggs”

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